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Anakao Ocean Lodge & Spa is a magical place that by strange and fortunate circumstances has remained an uncontaminated corner away from the more chaotic mass tourism routes.

A bay, a Lodge.

This is the feature of Anakao Ocean Lodge & Spa. Forget crowded places and be seduced by the beautiful Andovoke bay, a perfect half-moon of a beach over a kilometre and a half long originating from coral, that invites tranquil walks. In front of you a stretch of sea that renews itself hour by hour with amazing shadings from turquoise green to cobalt blue in a palette of colours that rarely fails to excite.

Clearly visible on the horizon are the breakers that smash against one of the stretches of the longest coral reefs in the world and the splendid island of Nosy Satrana whose crystalline waters with emerald reflections has no need to envy the more emblematic seas. Splendid by day, unforgettable at sunset, it is the best place from which to admire the setting of the sun. Not far away, the beautiful island of Nosy Ve emerges from the reef in all its dazzling splendour, the undoubted jewel of this sea. A simple strip of coralline sand bathed by the limpid waters of the Ocean, for daydreaming while caressed by the sun and rocked by the waves. You can view the red-tailed tropic birds, bird endemic to this small island, where he lives and nests throughout the year. You can approach but focus on mothers when they emit loud cries as they are very protective of their offspring.

We are in southern Madagascar on the Mozambique Channel south of the Tropic of Capricorn in a protected area with Nature Park status. The port in the small town of Toliara (Tuléar), the most significant centre of population in the region, can be reached in about 45 minutes by fast boat.

Air Madagascar has a daily connection between Antananarivo and Toliara (Tuléar) with direct scheduled flights or via Tolanaro (Fort Dauphin) and twice a week from Morondava to Toliara.

The 45 minute commute to Anakao (depending on weather conditions) is generally made in the morning for greater comfort and safety.


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