Amongst the paid activities we pick out:

Please note that all activities are subject to confirmation at the time of booking.

Divers possessing a PADI certificate can book diving sessions. In the high season we advise you to book somewhat in advance in order to be sure of the outings want.

The baptism of the sea will offer you unforgettable moments to observe the beauty of the underwater world.

Snorkeling service is available on the beach (half day tour with boat and guide).

Complete material for the kayak to rent at the marina.

Possibility to rent a boat for half day or full day. Information at the sailing club.

The sea is the leading player in this half day that culminates with a spectacular fish barbecue on one of the most striking beaches in this region. The outing is in a motorboat in the morning. In fact the boat is available to reach the waters of the nearby islands of Nosy Satrana or Nosy Ve, or to explore the Marumena beach or the mangroves.

During the period running from July to September it is possible to admire the passage of Megaptere in the Mozambique Channel. The Anakao Ocean Lodge marina organizes output Whale Watching every morning for the observation of these huge marine mammals.

Is possible to organize tours and excursion with Jetskis.

Available on the beach.

Available on the beach.

This is one of Anakao’s more romantic excursions, ideal for honeymoon couples, but not only for them. You go out by boat in the late afternoon to reach the island of Nosy Satrana where a cocktail with or without alcohol (your choice) will be served with a delicious aperitif. You admire the sunset as the Anakao sky is tinged with a thousand shades from orangey red to violet before returning to the lodge in good time for dinner.

For those who like fishing it is possible to organise outings both by motorboat and by pirogue with local fishermen. The fishing is off to the coral barrier reef.

For a more dynamic afternoon, quad bikes are usually an ideal way for discovering the surrounding areas of Anakao with the fishing village, the spiny forest (typical of southern Madagascar) and the old French railway and the sand dunes lying close to the Lodge.

The Tsimanampetsotsa National Park is a site of great biological and scenic importance. It is considered to be one of the ten most important reserves in Madagascar. Unique in kind, with a lake of alkaline origin, an irresistible attraction not only because of its pink and dwarf flamingos but also for its many other winged species, it was made a park in 1927, long before the London International Convention for the protection of African fauna and flora.

A strategic wetland area that extends for over 43,200 hectares with more than 90% of the biological species endemic to the park. There are regularly organised excursions by quad bike from Anakao Ocean Lodge which include the lake, the cave with blind fish, a route for admiring the baobab trees that are amongst the oldest on the planet, and the beautiful beach of Ambula. Departures from the lodge are at 7 am to get back in the late afternoon.

Available on the beach.


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