The Restaurant


In order to be able to transform a holiday into a complete all-round travel experience, the gastronomic aspect must not be underrated.

Because of this, in Anakao Ocean Lodge the cooking plays a fundamental role with the location of the restaurant, for good reason, in the heart of the “little square”, the central fulcrum of this Lodge.

The menu is exceptionally good and the chef has managed to harmonise well the traditions of the Madagascan culinary art to the international ones, without forgetting a final touch of Italian.

The key word at Anakao Ocean Lodge is freshness of the ingredients, raw materials genuinely prized daily from the sea and the land as the basis for all the recipes to give maximum satisfaction to the guests.

An inviting breakfast will delight the morning awakening with a vast selection of pastries prepared daily by the chef, from hot croissants straight from the oven to soft plum cake. There is fruit as well as very fresh squashes, local hand made jam, cheeses or if you want, fresh eggs cooked according vs. tastes.


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