The Spa


The recently inaugurated health spa is soon brought to the attention of the guests of Anakao as the ideal place to recuperate in complete harmony, as a perfect balance between body and mind surrounded by remarkably authentic nature. Relaxation and well being. Close your eyes and let yourself be enticed by caressing expert hands for a complete and regenerating travel experience. During the high season, we advise you to book treatments somewhat in advance. More information on request.

Illuminating face treatment (50 min): a treatment that gives incredible luminosity to the skin of the face, for an immediate rejuvenating effect.
Anti-age face treatment (50 min): hanks to the anti-age effects of this treatment you will regain skin vigour and tone on your face.
After-sun treatment: a re-hydrating and refreshing treatment recommended following sun exposure.
Dry skin face treatment: a wave of freshness and re-hydration for particularly dry and dehydrated skin.
Greasy skin face treatment: rebalancing treatment recommended for skin of mixed and greasy types to eliminate the annoying shiny effect.

Caresses of Madagascar (50 min): sweet relaxing caresses for a uniquely relaxing sensation, the enchanting atmosphere of Madagascar and the skillful massage done by experienced hands will give you an unforgettable moment.
Perfumes of Madagascar (50 min): body and head massage with essential oils selected according to the requirement and preference of each client. This treatment uses the powers of finger pressure to reinvigorate the nervous system.
Sea Life(60 min): purifying and rebalancing treatment. Brushing and exfoliation, coupled with the use of algae, helps to eliminate liquid stagnation. The enzymes in the algae hydrate and nourish the skin.
Aroma Stone Therapy & Massage (90 min): to conduct the body, mind and spirit to a state of absolute peace. A combination of traditional massage and the penetrating power of volcanic stones positioned on energy centres. An ancient ritual that must be tried at least once in life.

Beauty man (120 min): a personalised package for the care of men. Two hours of absolute relaxation to combat stress and regain energy.
Beauty women (120 min): purposely created and designed to satisfy the needs of women, even the more pressing ones ...
New life (120 min): a treatment designed for those wanting to forestall any blemishes such as stretch marks and it is excellent for pregnant women. An experience of absolute relaxation and well being.
Vanilla beauty (120 min): enchanting perfumes, sensations and excitement... Massage with vanilla oils to alleviate stress and tensions.

Traditional Beauty Treatments
French manicure

The price list is available on request.


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